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Welcome to SpaceLogic.

Intelligent. Considered. Responsible.


Connect People


As the workplace grows in complexity, it has never been more important to bridge the distance, to empower people to work together and to support each other.

In a world of distributed work settings, people desire an effective workplace to come together to get their work done and achieve a sense of community.


Create Community


As technology shrinks distance, differences persist and are even amplified.

People used to work for companies, but now they expect companies to work for them. To provide dynamic office settings that help them to be more productive and creative.

The emphasis is on wellness at work.


Foster Collaboration


The new workplace must accommodate a wider variety of work modes than ever before.

When the right work mode balance is reached, workers thrive, interacting with each other and their environment in ways that enhance the quantity and quality of the work they deliver.


Consider privacy


The new drivers of workplace design – diversity, distance, work mode and responsibility – which in turn reflect an organisation’s culture, values and brand is it’s unique code.

This new framework – focused on people and the way they work together and individually – is the key to creating the right workplace environment to meet the unique needs of each organisation.


Leverage your uniqueness


A company is more than just a list of employees, titles, processes and outputs. A company has a unique nature and personality . . . a cultural code.

By understanding a company’s unique code, we can arrive at design solutions that fully leverage the workplace as a transformative tool to support client goals.


Do the right thing


There is a growing awareness of the role businesses should play in sustaining the planet we share.

Through simple, cost effective measures, sustainable design can support human performance and workplace flexibility.

Responsibility has never been more important or more appealing.





RMB Private Bank

“Our experience with SpaceLogic has been consistently outstanding over the period of the project.
Lynne and her team are passionate, proactive, reliable and hardworking...  ”

— Cilette Harris (Head : Support Services)

FirstRand Corporate Centre

“SpaceLogic's professionalism and attention to detail is awesome and breathtaking! ”

— Gerald Menashe (Head of Legal Services)

FirstGlobal Capital

“SpaceLogic's experience in the industry, their specialised knowledge and professionalism make them an ideal partner for any project concerned with design, redesign or upgrading corporate buildings.”

— Ernst Beukes (Director)

Altech Radio Holdings

“Despite numerous challenges and obstacles faced, SpaceLogic handled our move with the utmost professionalism.
Their attention to detail, effort, planning, managing changes and accommodating my staff was unbelievable. ”

— Zubair Munshi (Managing Director)

HRP Distribution Services

“The extremely high level of detailed planning and design undertaken by your team assisted the smooth implementation of the move, and proved fundamental to the success of it's execution. ”

— Johann Pretorius (Managing Director)


“I had the pleasure of working with Lynne and her team. They were professional, knowledgeable, helpful and very innovative from beginning to end.”

— Debbie Marcisz 


“With the highly professional and amicable service you provided, we were able to enjoy a successful move and we commend you for your outstanding service.
You met and exceeded our every expectation! ”

— Chris Hall (Chief Executive Officer)