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Business Case Development
We formalise your project goals and objectives

Product Selection and Repurpose
We make the most of what you have and need

Space Selection and Lease Negotiation  
We find, test fit and negotiate your new space

Asset redistribution  
We support your social economic policy

Workplace Surveys and Technology
We survey your workplace and technology

Construction Management
We build high quality sustainable environments

Change Management
We bring all your staff on board

Supply Chain and Logistics
We ensure on time and within budget delivery

Interior Architecture
We maximise your brand and space utilisation

Relocation Management
We smooth away the stresses of your move

Project Cost Analysis  
We create and manage your budget

Prior Space Restoration
We fix up to ensure you recover your deposit

Concern for the Environment
The SpaceLogic Company defines sustainability as simultaneously improving the vitality of the economy and the integrity of ecological systems.  We are committed to pursuing the goal of sustainability and will weigh the impacts of our business decisions against the costs to the ecological, social and economic systems they affect.

Statement of Sustainability
The SpaceLogic Company is committed to promoting sustainable work environments and business practices based on sound economics, environmental protection and social responsibility by doing the following:

  • Conduct company operations to protect the environment and health of our employees, suppliers and customers.
  • Continually update our processes with consistent, measurable goals toward sustainability throughout all facets of operations.
  • Implement pollution prevention through proactive management initiatives that promote re-use, recycling and resource conservation.
  • Corporately pursue environmental education and training to engage employee ownership and stewardship.
  • Bring awareness to employees, customers, manufacturers and suppliers of our commitment as we increasingly pursue sustainability thereby encouraging recommendations and accountability.

The SpaceLogic Company Initiatives
We promote positive social and environmental change

  • CHOC – redundant furniture donations
  • Sparrow Schools – annual cash sponsorship and donations
  • Green building design – product specification
  • Reuse, repurpose, recycle – with client participation

It begins with the assembly of the project team: a combination of our designers, interior architects, engineers and technology and security consultants, together with your in-house team.

We will meet with you and your team to come to a complete understanding of the workplace requirements and the fundamental goals of the project.

The entire project team will be involved in a design charrette where SpaceLogic interior architects, engineers and the technology and security consultants will observe your operations and facilities. During this time, our construction experts conduct local intelligence investigations into site conditions, trade practices, permitting processes and utility requirement.

Through this design charrette and investigations, we will develop a preliminary budget so that all stakeholders have an accurate vision of the project. We will also develop a detailed scope, cost and schedule for construction of the facility as well as preliminary layouts including zone, block and stacking plans, renderings, a communication diagram and furniture layouts.

Phases 1 – 3 with our team yields 95% of the information that is needed from you regarding the design of your project. At the end of these phases, you will receive a package including an executive summary, stated project mission and goals, preliminary space report, 2D model layout, colour concepts and preliminary drawings.

Phases 1 – 3 – Business Case Development

This is the beginning of SpaceLogic’s 8-phase process to help design and ultimately construct the facility you envision. Phases 1 – 3 accomplishes the fundamental steps of a project from concepts and ideas to an actual deliverable.

  • Focuses the team on project goals
  • Generates planning, programming, and schematic design
  • Brings a higher degree of definition to the project scope
  • Develops an accurate programme, preliminary budget and aesthetic

Phases 4 and 5 – Design / Construction Documents / Quotes

The entire project team ensures that design criteria, construction methods, budget objectives and space planning all progress together. By using a collaborative process, we estimate, value engineer, and seek more sustainable options to produce detailed construction documents and final quotations.

Phase 6 – Procurement and Logistics

Using our Kit-of Parts and trusted suppliers, long lead time items are already pre-negotiated and in progress speeding construction sequencing. Formal quotes and contract negotiations are completed for the subcontracts and logistics are finalized

Phase 7 – Construction

With on-site supervision and the ability to utilize our disciplined construction delivery system, we deliver interiors with less waste in less time.

Phase 8 – Relocation and Occupancy

When most project managers have left you by this phase, SpaceLogic stays on through the move and settling in. We provide a maintenance manual for you and your team, working to ensure the process and outcome has exceeded your expectations.

Lynne Watney proudly founded the pioneering corporate design company, Contract Interiors, more than 35 years ago.

Lynne is the Managing Director of The SpaceLogic Company and is directly involved with, and oversees, every project we take on.