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Organisational Architect “Your business result is our business focus”

Interior Architect “We’re passionate about your workplace design”

Account Manager “50% of the success of the project is in the brief”

Interior Designer “We understand and support your brand architecture and culture”

Supply Chain Manager “We’ll get it done on time and within your budget”

Site Manager “We are committed to quality management and on time, snag free, completion”

Financial Controller “We start with a project recon and cash flow projection”

Project Administrator “We’re pleased to support your project team”

Our team has developed proprietary processes and technology tools that enable key benchmarks and measures for your business.   We can save you time and money to help you leverage your workplace investment by using our:

Critical Skills

  • Space needs analysis
  • Property search and selection
  • Business case development
  • Strategic consulting
  • Cost analysis
  • Project Management

Metrics / Benchmarks

  • Customised software to measure, monitor and report information to support business objectives
  • B-BBEE Level 1 (135% ROI)

Knowledge and Experience

  • 35 years’ experience
  • 550,000m² Interiors built
  • 577 projects completed
  • People/asset relocation
  • Project driven – not product driven

IT Infrastructure

  • Customised order system
  • Customised CAD system
  • Customised budget system

Partners / Alliances / Providers

  • Strategic alliance suppliers
  • Service provider network
  • Property developer alliances
  • Property broker alliances
  • Direct manufacturer accounts

Processes and Procedures

  • Proven methodology
  • Dedicated personal service
  • Inclusive change management
  • On time completion
  • Snag free occupancy
  • Fixed price contracts
  • OHSA compliant
We are a research driven design build practice focused on driving Clients’ business results by delivering the most flexible, people centred, and sustainable workplaces.

A company that understands human behaviour in the workplace and has the processes, talent and experience to turn them into sustainable commercial advantage through applied design.

We are recognized as the leading campaigners of partnerships, with diverse people who work well together, to create exceptional business results.

The SpaceLogic Company designs, builds and installs the most flexible, user-centred, technology sound, energy efficient and affordable workplaces … fast.

SpaceLogic helps employers attract and inspire talented people by offering them the most user-friendly environments at competitive rates in new and renovated workplaces.

SpaceLogic has researched and designed the workplace of the future, focusing on a dynamic and reactive business world.

  • A workplace that helps instead of hinders its user’s performance.
  • A workplace that is flexible, with changes happening in hours instead of days.
  • A workplace that is built at an unprecedented speed with the highest quality products at competitive prices.

It is the next generation of workplaces.

Passion for our work
We are committed to going “the extra mile” to get the job done.

Discipline of our team
We are disciplined and accountable, making quality and safety a priority.

Client Commitment
What matters to our Client, matters to us. We seek to fully understand our Client’s needs and strive to exceed them with thoughtfulness and perseverance.

Truth and Respect
We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We value each other and know that we are better as a team.

Design and Innovation
We seek great design in everything that we do.

A Sustainable World
We are committed to building a sustainable world through both our actions and plans. It is the responsible thing to do for our Company, our Clients, and the environment.

Design for Constructability.
Purchase to ensure maximum value.

Our faster construction and installation process provides our Clients with a high performance workplace in less time and for less cost than traditional contracts.

Our components are sourced directly from manufacturers using leaders in their respective industries and we have collaborated with them in the design work. We are able to select and guarantee a higher degree of quality without paying the various mark-ups commonly associated with building materials (and pass that savings onto you).

Each part, fixture, connection and detail is tested against our objectives for good design, flexibility, durability, function, human health, environmental sustainability, speed and ease of installation, and user friendliness and control.

It is a unique blend of process, product and expertise that creates value and ease of maintenance.

The best new office environments are thriftily designed and built.

(Thrifty ►adjective – using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully)