People Focused. Flexible. Sustainable.

In the corporate world, office space has always been viewed as an expense. Rising energy costs, rapid advancements in technology, global warming and pollution, and the increasing cost of salaries and benefits all affect the way we view office space. SpaceLogic believes the workplace should be viewed as an asset – a crucial tool to support your largest, most valuable investment: your people.

To support the challenges that the 21st century brings, we are encouraging our clients to consider business results when making office space decisions. There are many corporate issues that a workplace effects including: people and process, serving your customer, managing expenses and other business dynamics.

High Performance SpaceLogic Workplaces:

  • Foster a more productive work environment by improving the employee experience and work flow
  • Expand and contract to the changing workspace and technology needs of your company
  • Reduce their impact on the environment today and in the future
  • Are designed for constructability and built with a disciplined process to ensure speed
Space Logic - About Us
Space Logic - About Us
Space Logic - About Us

Our Approach

Research. Design. Build. Relocate.

There are researchers, designers, builders and relocators. There are companies that research and design, there are companies that build and relocate. What makes SpaceLogic different is combining these functions into a turnkey solution.


We continue our commitment to researching how environments help people work, teach and learn more effectively.


Partnering with Clients, we incorporate our findings from research. Research and investment by The SpaceLogic Company’s designers, manufacturers, construction managers, and affiliated companies and partners have produced a systematised, engineered kit of parts.


Using a disciplined construction process. The SpaceLogic process together with pre-designed building solutions and product assemblies has been developed to deliver higher quality workplaces, at competitive prices, in a significantly reduced time frame.


SpaceLogic offers the following relocation services: Space selection and lease negotiation, change management, asset redistribution, supply chain and logistics, relocation management and prior space restoration