Space Logic Company - RMB - 2010 Portfolio


Process + Technology + People + Place

By providing places for privacy for all workers, businesses can realise significant rewards: higher engagement, stronger collaboration, better productivity, improved worker wellbeing and innovation at the pace and scale that determines business success.

A variety of technology based work settings is needed to meet both the collaborative and privacy needs of workers today.

Space Logic Company - Boeing - 2000's Portfolio


Process + Technology + People

In the noughties, process and technology had leveled the field of business and people alone created the strategic competitive advantage.

By fully supporting them, design had the potential to enable organisations to leverage their human capital more effectively.

Space Logic Company - NSB- 1990's Portfolio


Process + Technology

In 1990s brought radical changes in workplace design. Increased emphasis was placed on technology, with workplace environments moving beyond process and actually enhancing the ways work was conducted.

Strong focus was placed on technology as a means to achieve business goals.



In the 1980s, the workplace was seen as a tool to support company process. Spaces were formal in their arrangement and feel.

Process flow and efficiency metrics were introduced as workplace success measures